capacity building workshop on technical aspects of setting up operating and administering internet exchange points
26 Jul 2018

capacity building workshop on technical aspects of setting up operating and administering internet exchange points

Workshop Overview

The Capacity Building Workshops on Technical Aspects of Setting Up, Operating and Administering Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

  • Course Title: Internet Service Provider (ISP) Dynamic Routing and Internet Exchange point (IXP) Interconnection Training
  • Course Duration: 4 Days
  • Date: 24-27 July 2018
  • Course Meeting Times: 08:30hrs – 18:00hrs, local time
  • Instructor: Training Lead Consultant
  • Location: Ocean View Hotel, Kilimani, Zanzibar
  • Attendee criteria: Technical staff responsible for the day-to-day network operations.

Training introduces participants to dynamic routing technologies and to relate Internet Resources such as IPv4, IPv6 and ASN so that they may prepare their networks for interconnection at an Internet exchange point.

The course further provide advanced training of the routing protocols involved in dynamic routing including Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). The course focuses on the best practice implementation of the Internet Resources and protocols for scalability, security and reliability.

In addition to learning the technical aspects and setup of the IXP, the participants learn how to use the IP resources and protocols to interconnect with other external networks. The course covers the following topics;

  • 1. Internet, TCP/IP and Routing
  • 2. Routing Protocols
  • 3. OSPF and BGP for Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • 4. BGP, Attributes, Policy
  • 5. BGP Scaling and Multi-homing
  • 6. IXP design, set-up and operation
  • 7. IXP Laboratory Exercises

Instructional Methods:

The complete IXP Routing Training was conducted over a period of 5 consecutive days so that instructors may fully cover the proposed curriculum and provide adequate time for the participants to comprehend, and thus benefit from, the training.

The topics covered in the training program are separated into two complementary sessions:

  1. Theory and Concepts The theory and concepts session utilizes power-point presentations and classroom discussions to introduce the subject matter to the participants. The objective is to provide a detailed background of the topics and enable the participants to engage the instructors on any questions they may have.

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Internet standards are mostly used to introduce the topics. The concepts are used to demonstrate the best practice implementations of the technology that have been documented by experts over time.

  1. Practical Hands-on Application The practical hands-on session uses training equipment of routers and switches to simulate an ISP and IXP network environment. Internet Society has a mobile training kit that consists of 15 Routers,2 switches and Access Points.


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